Road to a HIPAA Compliant Backup

During an open house at one of our data centers, we became aware of the need for the online cloud backup of HIPAA data. Cogitate had just released the first version of the 9G BACKUP™ online data storage solution, so we decided to pursue the necessary changes to be fully HIPAA compliant. We were completely unaware of any of the issues or requirements to be a HIPAA compliant backup solution, so we needed an expert to guide us.

That is when we contacted ATMP Logo  to aid us in identifying areas we needed to change the 9G BACKUP™ online data storage solution to comply with the HIPAA statute.  After a few months of working with ATMP Solutions we were  a 100% HIPAA compliant backup solution, able to backup all of your HIPAA data files.

As part of the HIPAA statues we needed to have a Business Associate Agreement created.  ATMP suggested we contact a specialized HIPAA legal firm, so we contacted Dickinson Wright PLLC  to work with us and create all of our legal agreements.

Cogitate was very pleased with the professional and timely work performed by ATMP Solutions and Dickinson Wright and would highly recommend these companies for your own road to be HIPAA compliant.