9G BACKUP™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why isn't my password being accepted?

The password has a required format. Your password must be at least seven alphanumeric characters, it must include a number and a special character, such as {@,!,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,)} (e.g. wG2mYZ@).

What's the difference between Your Name and 9G BACKUP™ User Name?

Your Name relates to the person who is authorizing the purchase of the 9G BACKUP™ online data backup service. If a business is ordering the service, the business name could be entered in the Your Name/Organization field.
The 9G BACKUP™ User Name is the name of the person who will be using the service.
Note that the same name can be entered in both these fields.

I have several email addresses. Which one should I use for my 9G BACKUP™ account's email address?

This is entirely up to you. You should use an email address with which you're constantly in contact. This email address is the one which 9G BACKUP™ will send alerts and notices to you.

What is my computer name?

The Computer Name is the name of the computer which will be backed up using this 9G BACKUP™ online backup account. You can name it anything you wish -- your child's name, a favorite TV show's name, the make of your car -- anything that will help you remember which computer is your user's name's. Do not name your computer the same as another user's computer.

What if I have more than one computer that I want to backup?

You will have the opportunity to setup multiple computers to use the 9G BACKUP™ online backup service after you have created your 9G BACKUP™ account.

How do I delete an existing computer name?

Click on the red "X" next to the computer you want to delete from your 9G BACKUP™ online backup account. Click the "Yes Remove the Computer" button.

Caution: Make sure you're deleting the correct computer from your 9G BACKUP™ online backup account.