9G BACKUP™: Features

The 9G BACKUP™ high speed compression and algorithm technologies harness the inherent power and speed of your computer. You don’t have to stop using the internet or exit an application so that the 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution can run. Based on the backup schedules you set up, when it’s time to wake up and go to work, the 9G BACKUP™ online backup software launches itself, backs up your data, then goes back to sleep. Your system resources are yours to use without interference.

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Make the Jump to Light Speed

High Speed TechnologyEquipped with super computer speed the 9G BACKUP™ online backup software is the fastest online backup software around! The use of adaptive compression and choice algorithm technology provide upload speeds that will knock your socks off! Choice algorithm technology looks at each file and finds the most efficient way to upload it. Then the adaptive compression takes what is already fast and makes it even faster by checking to see what pieces of the file can be compressed and shipped more quickly. The 9G BACKUP™ online backup software is totally next generation fast. 9G Backup™ speed test

HIPAA - HITECH Certified

High Speed TechnologyThe 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution is fully HIPAA - HITECH compliant wherein medical records are safeguarded from unauthorized view or disclosure. Our company and employees have completed an exhaustive review of the HIPAA procedures and regulations and have been certified. Read about our journey to HIPAA - HITECH compliance at: 9G BACKUP™ Road to HIPAA

Multiple Version Saving

High Speed TechnologySometimes you just want to turn back the clock. The 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution lets you choose where you would like to travel back in time with multiple version saving. You can save one, two, three, or fifteen versions of a file! This is great when you need to find an erased entry on a database or you just liked Chapter 3 of your novel better without the goblins. The 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution has you covered with as many versions as you want to keep.

Low Impact on System Resources

High Speed TechnologyYou always want your computer to be running at its fastest. The 9G BACKUP™ online backup software helps keep your computer moving and working just like it's supposed to. This software won't slow down your computer at all because when it's not backing up, 9G BACKUP™ online data storage software isn't running at all. This ensures that you get the best performance out of your hardware without any interference from our software.

Double Data Center Storage / Disaster Recovery

High Speed TechnologyNot only one, but two safe places will keep all of your data! Your files will be automatically stored in two separate geographic locations. By hosting your data in two separate physical locations and providing a simple reload system, the 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution has removed any worries the forces of nature may bring. Mother Nature doesn't stand a chance.

Online Backup Alerts

Alert Emails Sent via sendgridYou always want to know when something is or isn’t right. For instance: “Are my files really backed up?” or “When is my next invoice due?” But you’re out of your office or out of town and may not have a laptop with you to check on the status of your backups or your 9G BACKUP™ account. The Alerts System in the 9G BACKUP™ online backup software follows you wherever you go. Now you can set up your email addresses, cell phone text messaging numbers, and Twitter® accounts to keep you fully informed. You’ll never be surprised if there’s a problem.

Online Account Management

Alert Emails Sent via sendgridManage your online backup software configuration and account settings with the easy to use 9G BACKUP™ Online Account Management website. With the 9G BACKUP™ Online Account Management web portal, you can quickly change how much online storage each of your devices can use. You can also add new devices to your 9G BACKUP™ online backup service, as well as remove old devices. Browse and make changes on the 9G BACKUP™ online account portal with confidence, knowing that your connection is secured using the highest levels of encryption. Login to your online account portal

Backup your servers to the cloud

Protect your servers in the cloud with our server cloud backupWith our advanced backup technology, you can easily protect your servers with our cloud backup software! We understand that your data is valuable and critical to your organization, but we also understand that you want your cloud backup to be painless. With 9G Backup™ you receive a cloud backup that is a complete server backup and is scalable to meet the demands of your business today and into the future.