9G Backup™ is a small business online backup software designed to backup your business's servers to the cloud.


What 9G Backup™ provides you

9G Backup™ offers advanced server data protection with exceptional ease of use, so you don't need to be an IT expert to protect your critical business information.

The 5 most important features

  • Schedule online backups when you want them to happen

    Set online backups around your schedule which ensures zero unplanned downtime for your windows servers

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  • Speedy connections help your backups finish sooner so you can continue working faster

    9G Backup™ provides next generation speeds for faster server backups so you can continue your work uninterrupted

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  • Our customizable alert system will always keep you informed about the status of your server backups

    Stay up to date on the state of your files with our customizable alert system

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  • We use two different data centers so that your files remain highly protected

    Two physical data centers ensure no chance of file loss and helps to eliminate the risk of data loss

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  • 9G Backup has been certified by Microsoft for the Windows Server operating system

    9G Backup™ has been certified by Microsoft for the current Windows Server operating systems

Backup your servers today with our windows server cloud backup software
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9G Backup™

  • INSTANT access to all features
  • Custom schedules for online server backups
  • Dual backup sites ensure complete protection
  • Backup Microsoft SQL databases while they are online

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100 GB


250 GB


500 GB


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