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  • Make the Jump to Light Speed

    Equipped with super computer speed the 9G BACKUP™ online backup software is the fastest backup around! Compare our backup speeds to other online backup service providers.

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  • Multiple Version Saving

    Sometimes you just want to turn back the clock. The 9G BACKUP™ online backup software lets you choose where you would like to travel back.

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  • Low Impact on Resources

    You always want your computer to be running at its fastest. The 9G BACKUP™ online backup software keeps your computer moving and working at its peak efficiency.

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Not just one, but two safe places will keep all of your data! The 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution has removed any worries the forces of nature can harm your precious business data.

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  • HIPAA - HITECH Certified

    The 9G BACKUP™ online backup solution is fully HIPAA - HITECH compliant wherein medical records are safeguarded from unauthorized view or disclosure.

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  • Alerts

    Setup your email addresses, cell phone text messaging numbers, and Twitter® accounts to keep you fully informed. You’ll never be surprised if there’s a problem.

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